Matt Smithmier

It all comes down to storytelling, after all. Matt has spent his entire career doing just that, as a reporter and magazine writer, a public relations executive and a marketing professional. Because when the story is told the right way, the message can be extremely powerful and effective.

With a background in journalism, he’s spent a number of years leading internal PR and marketing teams, working with outside vendors to build brands. He’s also worn the agency hat and helped guide clients down the path to better communication.

No One Reads a Blog by Admin: How to Personalize Your Marketing Message

My mailbox (physical, not electronic) is always so full of junk that any item remotely resembling something personal really jumps out. Not long ago, I was leafing through the usual suspects – car dealership direct mail, shoe catalogs, those ubiquitous VALPAK coupons – when I noticed a hand-written envelope addressed to me. I flipped it over and spotted the little gold Hallmark seal. Someone sent me a card!